Next Generation - Zuza Jasinska

Zuza Jasinska  | ZUZA <songs from my living room> feat. Band

Infos zum Video:
1. Think of me (original comp.)
2. Darker (original comp.)
3. Forward (James Blake)
4. Do you think of me sometimes (original comp.) 5. It’s already better than ok (Snow Poet)
6. All we are saying (Lennon/Zuza) 7. Zarzyj ze koniu (folk song)
8. I cried (original comp.)
9. Stranger (original comp.)
10. Symbol (Adrianne Lenker)

Zuza Jasinska | ZUZA feat. Band

Born into a Polish family, raised in city Torun, now based in Berlin - Zuza. Known for her versatile voice. Since young age, she always stood up to her stylistic decisions. With this weird mixture of confidence and fear of being judged, she moved to Berlin in 2018 to study jazz vocals at the Jazz Institute. Zuza began slowly to transform from someone who felt like doesn’t belong anywhere into a woman with her own voice and a strong attitude.

Zuza Jasinska // vocals
David Soyza // vibraphone Morten Larsen // double bass Florian Fischer // drums Max Feig // guitar
Robin Danaher // tenor sax, guitar, clarinet Anna Borsdorf // backing vocals
DSahin // backing vocals
Lyriya // backing vocals
Lucia Boffo // backing vocals

(Text: Künstlerin, Agentur)

  • Bewerberin: Zuza Jasinska
  • Projekt/Titel: ZUZA feat. Band
  • Land: PL/DK
  • Website: