Next Generation - Pauline Tschirschwitz

Pauline Tschirschwitz  | Shejust_Left

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Sorry not sorry
Lucid day
She just came

Pauline Tschirschwitz | Shejust_Left

Shejust_Left is a FLINTA* Band based in Leipzig, performing since 2020. Their music moves between experimental rap, jazz, neosoul, and free improvisation. With improvisation being always the connecting mortar, their music takes shape through voice, violin, loopstation, synthesizer, electronics, bass and drums. In February 2023 they presented their debut album at Ost-Passage-Theater in Leipzig, where they combined composed and improvised music with live visuals, in collaboration with Roks&Steins.

Pauline Tschirschwitz (Vocals, Synths)
Myrsini Bekakou (Violin, Loopstation)
Paula Wünsch (Double Bass, E-Bass)
Leonie Sobek (Drums, Percussion)

(Text: Künstlerin, Agentur)

  • Bewerberin: Pauline Tschirschwitz
  • Projekt/Titel: Shejust_Left
  • Land: DE
  • Website: